Florentine cuisine in the heart of the Oltrarno district

Dalla Lola you can experience the true taste of Tuscany: good authentic food delivered with passion.
From the selection of raw and fresh products to the delivery on your table, we take great care of your dining experience.

Dalla Lola offers two different à la carte menus, one for dinner and one for lunch.
Since our trattoria is very popular among locals, we prefer to serve a smart, quick lunch break: homely Italian dishes, rich in taste.

Cucina fiorentina
Cucina fiorentina


Ceviche with Fish of the day

Chopped Calf’s gristle with Tomato and Vegetables sauce

Sweetbread veal with Chimichurri, Spinach and Parmesan

Puntarelle Cesar Dressing and mullet

Tomato confit e Turnip tops

Toasts with marinated salad and “Cherry Tomato” confit

Seasonality and simplicity are the basis of our menu: it changes with seasons. Our ingredients are always flavorful, so that we can elevate the taste of our dishes.

Trattoria Toscana in centro a firenze


Vegeterian Gnocchi

Gnudi di Bietola e Parmigiano fondue

Spaghetti with “Chianti’s Tuna”, Fennel flowers and candied Grapefruit

Pappardella with Boar

Cucina fiorentina
Cucina fiorentina


Veal cheek, pumpkin and basil cream

Skirt steak with roasted Potatoes and Pumpkin

Guinea fowl, sweet salad Cherry and Daikon

Croacker Fish with Peas cream and Chicory

Salt cod cream of chickpeas and grilled endive

Vegetables of the season and Cheese

Cucina fiorentina
Cucina fiorentina





Dalla Lola

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